Foz Côa Running — Trail
Graphic Design

The Concept

Foz Côa Running Trail — a case study developed​​ to create a visual identity of a concept and express, through different visual elements, the feel and emotions that the participants would experience throughout the event.​​​​​​​

The Objective

Create a minimalistic and visual appealing design that represents the environment where the event is located, with an easy and intuitive way to distinguish the different run levels, routes and staff members, to easily guide all the participants through the event in the best and fastest way possible.

The Visuals

Information — sometimes a lot of unnecessary visual elements makes it difficult to find the basic information needed to understand what, where and when the event will take place, so all the important information should be displayed and the other additional found online.

Lines — a way to differentiate the different run levels, before and during the run, using a design with lines and multiple curved corners, to separate the three groups of runners, where the numbers of lines represent the difficult of each route.

The Colors

Each run level is represented by a different design and color to guide and identify the group of participants before and during the event, to mark the three different routes and separate all the staff members to control, indicate and support the athletes. 

It is important to associate a different color to each run level, and not only be guided by the design or information present on the indicative tapes, because, during the run, the athletes can find hard to read or understand the information present on them, and with the usage of different colors it is easier to follow the right route.

Thank you for watching

— Ricardo Malva