Personal Identity — 2021
Graphic Design

The Creative

Multimedia Designer based in Coimbra — focused in connecting people with brands and businesses through visuals and user-focused designs.

The Backstory

It is not just a long red rectangle in italic — In many ways it is the representation of velocity, energy, action, passion, attention and excitement — some of the words used to describe it can also be the definition of the different development stages of any project. ​​​​​​

The Journey

Having a licentiate degree in Multimedia — represented by the main and longest red rectangle in italic — all the remaining branches are the different areas, within the creative area, that I currently strive to master and improve on the daily basis through the development of case studies and freelance works.

The Fields

Being the main objective to design and develop projects focusing on user interactions and experiences, on digital and in the real world, doing a complex research, ideate, strategy, test, develop, improve and analyze are the main stages of the creative design process to build a solid and organized functional project — User Interface and User Experience Design.

The Future

Currently developing case studies and improving some techniques to be able to create full functional projects while learning different programs and ways to accomplish the defined goals. The future holds a new beginning where I'll be able to be apart of a team where we'll be able to bring new projects to life. Meanwhile all the case studies and projects developed so far will be available on —

Thank you for watching

— Ricardo Malva