Visualization Showcase — College Project
UI/UX Design

The Concept

From a vision, thoughts, ideas and inspirations, arqo elaborates architecture visualizations with the objetive of showcasing, to a future home owner, every single detail of the house through realistic and interactive renders.​​​​​​​

The Objective

Create a platform to showcase detailed and realistic renders of various projects available to be explored and analyzed by future home owners, displaying, along side the renders, all the descriptions necessary to describe the experience and feel of the space, through a minimalistic and intuitive online platform developed as a website and mobile app.


Regular 400 — used on headers, titles and for important information to highlight words and guide the user through the platform easily and in an organized way.

Circular Std

Book 400 and Bold 700 — used on body text and small additional information throughout the project, present on all the descriptions and pieces of text that needs to be legible and clear for the user.

Thank you for watching

— Ricardo Malva