Wellcome Coffee — Online Menu
UI/UX Design

The Client

Wellcome Coffee — a thirty year old coffee shop based in Coimbra, Portugal. The place where people hangout to reconnect with friends and family, best known by his mid-afternoon foods, drinks and all the memories created over the years.​​​​​​​

The Objective

Create the Wellcome Coffee menu online to reduce the use of paper menus — foods, drinks, caipirinhas and gin's — to one in a platform accessible to all the clients on their smartphone — via scan a QR Code.

The Solution

Developed a landing page with minimalistic, responsive and intuitive interface to guide the user through the menu to explore all the available products and additional useful information.

Project Overview

The project involved user experience, user interface and web design to build a functional product user-focused analyzing all the data throughout the development to improve the interface and experience.

Project Timeline

Discovery — User research and project ideation
Understand the brand and its costumers.

Design — Strategy and design
Create sketches, wireframes, designs and prototypes.

Conclusions — Usability tests and analysis
Analyze the user interaction and possible improvements.

The project was developed in two weeks.

User Persona — Ana Valencia

Age — 34 years old
Location — Coimbra
Job title — Nurse

Devices used —
Television, smartphone and tablet.

Needs —
Reduce work related stress and long shift hours.
Spend more quality time with her family and son.

Costumers goals —
A place to hangout with work friends and have lunch during the week.

"One kind word can warm three winter months."

User Persona — Rodrigo Esteves

Age — 29 years old
Location — Coimbra
Job title — Computer engineering

Devices used —
Television, smartphone and computer.

Needs —
Get a promotion on his current job.
Spend more time with girlfriend during the week.

Costumers goals —
A relaxing place to have a few drinks and a good date with his girlfriend.

​​​​​​​ "Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you."

UX Flows

Possible paths the user might take when using the final product. Analyzing and studying users movement through the product to improve the experience.

User A — Explore multiple menu options
Opens menu on a mobile phone — Taps on first menu option — Scrolls through menu — Taps on anchor button — Taps on second menu option — Scrolls through menu — End

User B — Find social media platforms
Opens menu on a mobile phone — Taps on information link — Scrolls though information — Taps on Facebook link — End

User C — Get directions or location
Opens menu on a mobile phone — Taps on information link — Taps on embed map — End

User D — Get directions and explore one menu option
Opens menu on a mobile phone — Taps on information link — Taps on embed map — Taps on anchor button — Taps on second menu option — Scrolls through menu — End

The Conclusions

After being implemented, all the data, from Google Analytics during the first four weeks, was analyzed to compare the results and get some final conclusions.

38 seconds spent per user
— The average time spent by each user, on the online menu, was 38 seconds, increasing by about 14% per week.  The lowest week recorded was 21 seconds and the highest recorded was 1 minute and 19 second.

2 times viewed per session by user
— On each session, the average user viewed the online menu 2.18 times. Increased by about 34% per week, during the first weeks. Around 98 percent of the users used a mobile device.

"The final results shows that the use of the online menu increased significantly during the first month. Although during the pandemic the Wellcome Coffee had their capacity reduce by 1/3 of the available seats, many of the customers still explored the new menu method. As the restrictions keep getting lifted and people return to their normal lives, is expected that the previous numbers, new users and frequent ones, get higher."

Thank you for watching

— Ricardo Malva